Automated Testing Tool Limitations

Most people today will agree that testing for accessibility, in particular Section 508 compliance, is a good idea. Unfortunately, it is unclear how best to.

What Should You Look for in an Accessibility Vendor?

Choosing which professional vendor to partner with can be difficult in any field or industry. However, this can seem especially daunting for those new to.

PDF Creating and Tagging – A Review of Nuance’s PDF Converter Pro 6

Nuance released a new version of their PDF Converter software (version 6). This new version includes the ability to tag documents for accessibility. It is.

Announcing Updates to our Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)

The AMP Spring 2009 release combines a new complementary toolbar and updates to the InFocus automated testing component for a complete accessibility auditing solution. San.

Applying Visual Focus for Hidden Explicit Labels

Often, a developer may want to explicitly associate a screen label to a form field such as a checkbox but he or she may wish.

Captivate Accessibility Hints

Adobe’s Captivate application allows one to create Flash based interactive demos and presentations. PowerPoint materials can also be converted in Flash using Captivate. Captivate has.

Noteworthy Differences between WCAG 1 and 2

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2 (WCAG 2) provide a much needed update of the original WCAG guidelines. Several of the original guidelines included.

JAWS Flex Scripts Released

Adobe has posted a new version of JAWS scripts for applications developed using Flex. SSB Bart Group has worked with Adobe and Freedom Scientific to augment.

Lightbox Accessibility

The use of “lightboxes” or “simulated dialogs” are becoming more and more common on web pages. Lightboxes appear as a pop-up window that is layered.

On the Accessibility of Links

There are many in the usability community who regard accessibility as part of usability. I believe this to be a misunderstanding of accessibility. At its.